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Look what I found in my chip bag in Panera
(Side story: as a joke,  my dad asked the Panera employee guy “what is the meaning of this” and the guy asked my dad if he was married)

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"I’ll be on that like white on rice"

If I had to choose one picture to describe my research project experience, it would be this one I took of a colony of glowing cells shaped like a hand holding its middle finger up 

wait why is this the login screen background????

I thought my sister was asleep but she just stuck her head up and whispered “nipple butter” in my ear 


this kid just rebutted himself

So I was looking up this picture on google

Because I was showing it to someone and I remembered it was from tumblr 


Dad: Yes, it starts with an I. No no, I as in Frank.
Me: Hey ma, how do you say "right" in Tamil?
Mom: *Indian accent* Correct.
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November 4th, 2012

Pesto sauce, basil leaves, cilantro, and mozzarella cheese. 


I have found my perfect pizza.